The Restrictions Exemption Program Safety Training is available to employees of Alberta-based businesses and organizations who are implementing the REP and other COVID-19 safety requirements.

“We recognize this has been a challenging time for many Alberta workers as they continue to do their jobs to keep businesses open while also ensuring the health and safety of their colleagues and patrons. This training will help empower workers with the skills and confidence to safely implement the Restrictions Exemption Program.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Labour and Immigration

The 45-minute online training is available to employers and staff at no cost to help them assess and manage challenging situations that may arise during their daily operations.

The training includes information and resources that workers need to keep themselves and customers safe while implementing COVID-19 safety requirements, such as requesting proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test, physical distancing or masking.

Employers can visit to learn more about the training and how to enrol their employees.

Quick facts

  • The Restrictions Exemption Program Safety Training is available to all Alberta employers and employees who are implementing REP or other COVID-19 safety requirements.
  • The 45-minute online training is available at no cost to eligible employers and employees.
  • The REP Safety Training is being delivered through ARETE Training, a Canadian-based provider of bullying, harassment, personal safety, de-escalation and violence prevention training.
  • Employers must enrol for the training on behalf of their employees.
  • On Oct. 7, the Government of Alberta announced $1 million in funding for training to support the safety of workers when implementing the REP.
  • The Restrictions Exemption Program allows businesses, cooperatives and non-profit organizations to remain open without the majority of public health restrictions.
    • It came into effect on Sept. 20.
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