“Today is Alberta Book Day, a day to celebrate the economic and cultural contributions of book publishing to our province.

“Book publishers in our province are small businesses with a global reach, and have an important part in our economic recovery. The book publishing industry adds about $10 million annually to the province’s GDP. More than 30 publishers in the province employ hundreds of Albertans, and in 2018, Alberta publishers sold and distributed 150 new titles to international audiences.

“Every book produced in Alberta adds to our collective culture, sharing our stories at home and abroad. The industry inspires creativity in others, enriching our lives with captivating tales and helpful information.

“Alberta’s government is a proud partner with the Book Publishers Association of Alberta on the Read Alberta eBooks program, which provides everyone with access to fantastic reads. Whether you are looking for heartwarming fiction, inspiring non-fiction, a whodunit or a how-to, there is an Alberta book to suit your taste.

“I encourage everyone to visit readalberta.ca for a list of made-in-Alberta books and get one – or several – at your local bookstore or library in support of book publishing in our province.

“Happy reading!”