“On Nov. 22, we take a moment to thank our partners who provide housing, to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing, and to report on our work to find solutions for Albertans in need.

“The stability provided through affordable housing is the foundation of an inclusive and thriving society. At the moment, this foundation is cracked and buckling under the weight of an outdated system.

“Alberta’s government has recently taken action to strengthen this foundation and to start fixing the system.

“Earlier this month, I was proud to announce Stronger Foundations: Alberta’s 10-year Plan to Improve and Expand Affordable Housing.  It charts our path forward for improving access, enabling growth and investment and, most important, supporting Albertans most in need.

“It outlines how we aim to support an additional 25,000 households and increase the total number of households served by more than
40 per cent, to 82,000 over 10 years.

“On National Housing Day, I thank our partners – housing management bodies, non-profits, municipalities and private companies that deliver programs, build homes and maintain housing units.

“I want to thank you for your input to the Affordable Housing Review that informed the Stronger Foundations strategy.

“And thank you for all you have done, above and beyond, to support Albertans during the pandemic.

“Your work is critical and makes a difference because everyone deserves to have a safe and secure place to call home.

“Happy National Housing Day.”