“Diabetes is a serious, chronic health condition and the number of people diagnosed with it is increasing worldwide and in our province.

“World Diabetes Day, recognized each year on Nov. 14, is an occasion to further our understanding of diabetes and its implications for those living with this illness. A blue circle, symbolizing positivity, life and health, is used to signify this event.

“Nov. 14 was chosen to honour Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday. He is one of four individuals credited with discovering insulin, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of that monumental, lifesaving discovery. This important anniversary highlights the need for continued research to find better, more effective treatments.

“Alberta’s government acknowledges the essential need for health care and health supplies to manage diabetes and maintain the well-being of those living with this chronic condition.

“In August, coverage for blood glucose test strips and other diabetes supplies was expanded for Albertans with government-sponsored health benefit plans.

“I invite Albertans to join me in recognizing World Diabetes Day and the impact diabetes has on individuals here at home and around the world.”