“October’s job numbers show that Alberta’s economic recovery continues, with an increase of 9,000 new full-time jobs. While, unfortunately, part-time employment decreased, our unemployment rate fell once again and is now lower than any point during the pandemic.

“This week our government showed our dedication to a clean energy future by investing $176 million to cut emissions by seven million tonnes by 2030. It also will create 5,600 jobs for Albertans.

“We also released our hydrogen roadmap, which will build on our immense success in attracting investment in the hydrogen sector. It will solidify our position as a global energy powerhouse and leader in hydrogen development.

“Our oil and gas sector is firing on all cylinders, and with Line 3 in full operation, Alberta is exporting more oil than ever before.

“Our tech sector continues to boom, creating thousands of jobs and bringing Alberta into the future. I’m excited for what the rest of 2021 has in store for Alberta’s innovation economy.”