The Alberta Hydrogen Roadmap outlines the enormous opportunity for government, industry and municipalities to grow Alberta’s hydrogen sector and position the province as an international leader in clean hydrogen.

The roadmap is part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, a bold plan to create jobs and diversify the economy – in part by doubling down on Alberta’s energy resources and positioning the province as a dominant player in the clean energy industry.

“With a global market estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion a year by 2050, hydrogen could be Alberta’s next great energy opportunity. Alberta has been a global leader in responsible energy production for decades, and now we’re ready to apply that leadership to hydrogen. With Alberta’s Recovery Plan, we are laying the groundwork now to establish Alberta as a source of low-emitting hydrogen that can power Canada and the world for decades to come. This means thousands of good jobs, diversifying our economy and reducing emissions. It’s a win-win-win.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

In addition to exporting hydrogen to customers around the world, the roadmap lays out opportunities to increase the use of clean hydrogen across Alberta’s economy. Since hydrogen emits zero carbon dioxide when used, it can significantly reduce emissions in a number of sectors, including heating, industrial processes, power generation and transportation. The roadmap includes specific and measurable policy actions that will allow hydrogen to be incorporated into the energy sources used across these sectors.

“Alberta is on the cusp of the greatest economic recovery in our province’s history. Hydrogen will be front and centre as we move to a clean, affordable energy future. We have the technology, experience and innovation needed to establish Alberta as the world-leading destination to produce clean hydrogen.”

Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity

Alberta’s roadmap focuses on several key pillars to support the growth of a hydrogen economy, including building demand, enabling carbon capture, utilization and storage, de-risking early investments and establishing exports. These pillars will ensure that we have a strong regulatory system and an excellent market for investment to support Alberta’s economic recovery and create thousands of new jobs.

“Low-carbon hydrogen is essential in the transition to a sustainable and prosperous future for Alberta’s energy sector. Alberta’s hydrogen roadmap is a well-constructed plan that lays the foundation for this transition. It outlines how the province will support the development of a strong provincial hydrogen economy and become a leading producer, user and exporter of this zero-emission fuel that the world needs.”

David Layzell, energy systems architect, Transition Accelerator

The hydrogen roadmap was developed with the input of representatives from more than 100 provincial, national and international organizations, including industry, environmental groups, the federal government, academics, municipalities and Indigenous organizations. The roadmap was identified as a key milestone in the Natural Gas Vision and Strategy, released in October 2020.

Alberta's Recovery Plan