“I am pleased to recognize Proclamation Day. Every Nov., 1 it is important to reflect and celebrate the partnership Alberta’s government has with the Metis Settlements. We also recognize the long history we have with the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) and celebrate our accomplishments together.

“There are eight Metis Settlements in Alberta, with approximately 5,600 individuals living on the settlements. Alberta is the only province in Canada with an established land base for Métis people, which equates to a total of 1.25 million acres in total area.

“More than 30 years ago, legislation passed that set out a system of self-governance for Metis Settlements in Alberta.

“We know Metis Settlements have the capacity to create strong, sustainable economies. I’ve been fortunate to have spent time over the last two years visiting many of the settlements across the province. There are incredible things happening there. 

“I’ve seen great tourism and economic development projects – such as the rodeo and campground at Kikino Metis Settlement, the Peavine Metis Settlement Inn and the Buffalo Lake gas station and convenience store. 

“Recognizing this very special day by flying the MSGC flag at the Alberta legislature reminds us of that the Metis Settlements are places that preserve and enhance Métis culture, so it can thrive for generations to come.

“This relationship is one that we will always continue to value and contribute to, and we will work together as partners in prosperity.”