“Today marks the start of Financial Literacy Month across Canada. This year’s focus is the importance of building financial resilience during challenging times and in a digital economy.

“It’s never too early or too late to become financially literate. Understanding financial concepts – such as income, expenses, interest, credit, investing, saving and borrowing – sets Albertans up for success and helps them prosper.

“Financial literacy is an essential part of everyday life, which is why Alberta’s government has invested $1.2 million to partner with Canadian companies to deliver financial literacy training to students in school.

Students will study important financial concepts such as costs, interest, debt, investing, taxes, insurance and how the economy affects their lives. This knowledge will help young Albertans gain confidence, solve problems and prepare for life ahead.

“Students are our future entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. Investing in their financial literacy can pay huge dividends to better equip Alberta’s next generation for personal and professional success.

“Financial Literacy Month is a great time to think about how you can empower yourself and your fellow Albertans with financial knowledge that can change lives – and our province – for the better.”