As part of Alberta’s recovery plan, civil society groups, not-for-profit organizations, First Nations and Metis Settlements can submit funding proposals up to $1 million for new projects.

These dollars will address the social challenges vulnerable Albertans are facing today like mental health and well-being, increased rates of domestic and sexual violence, and homelessness.

“We know civil society organizations are best positioned to address many of the challenges Albertans are facing today and provide more tools for future resilience. This investment will kick-start social recovery in the wake of the pandemic.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Community and Social Services

“Franciscan and Friends has been partnering with Indigenous communities and their members across southern Alberta for many years. At the request of First Nations leaders and Elders, we initiated The Indigenous Community Circles Project and the Civil Society Fund provided financial support. It engages Indigenous community members and connects people on and off reserves, while building their capacity to identify their most pressing social issues and developing solutions which they will own. For example, Tsuut’ina youth need jobs and ways to reinforce healthy lifestyles. The project is helping the community make that happen.”

Alvin Big Crow, Elder, Tsuut’ina Community

The Civil Society Fund is part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan to harness the power of civil society post-pandemic. This will help families and the most vulnerable have what they need to get back on their feet as the economy recovers. The $20-million fund is intended to leverage the existing strengths of civil society to better address social problems and improve supports for Albertans.

Quick facts

  • Civil society includes Alberta’s non-profit, charitable, voluntary and social enterprise sector.
  • Alberta has more than 26,000 not-for-profit organizations, employing more than 280,000 Albertans.
  • Civil Society Fund grants are one-time only.
    • Eligible applicants can request up to $1 million for their project.
    • Successful applicants will have 24 months from the date of the grant agreement to complete their grant activities.
  • Every year, more than 1.6 million Albertans provide more than 262 million volunteer hours to support their neighbours, non-profit organizations and communities.
  • The non-profit sector contributes $5.5 billion in gross domestic product to the Alberta economy.
Alberta's Recovery Plan