Municipalities are responsible for counting these votes and reporting results to Elections Alberta.

For communities that do not have municipal elections this October (summer villages, improvement districts, special areas, First Nations and the Alberta side of the City of Lloydminster), residents were able to cast votes either by voting at a partnering municipality or by voting through a special (mail-in) ballot. Elections Alberta is responsible for collecting and publishing these results.

Municipalities are required to report their Senate nominee and referendum election results to Elections Alberta by Oct. 25.

Elections Alberta will then publish the official provincial results at 11 a.m. on Oct. 26.

In the meantime, some municipalities may release unofficial results before the official results are published by Elections Alberta. The Government of Alberta will not comment on the unofficial results of the votes. 

Results of the Senate nominee and referendum votes are not official until published by Elections Alberta. The government will determine next steps once official results are available.