“Today is World Mental Health Day. As Alberta moves through the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we look after the mental wellness of ourselves and those around us.

“Right now it might seem like a lot of things are out of our control, and this may be contributing to feelings of stress and anxiety. Mental health experts recommend that we build healthy routines, balance our media use and learn healthy coping skills and strategies to help manage our social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

“This World Mental Health Day appropriately falls on the Thanksgiving long weekend. While this year’s celebration may look different than it has in the past due to COVID-19 restrictions, the act of practising gratitude can be a helpful tool to improve mental wellness. I encourage everyone to find some time to practise gratitude during these challenging times.

“Please remember that you are not alone if you feel your mental wellness has been affected by COVID-19. This has been a challenging time for nearly everyone in the province of Alberta. We are in this together, and as a province we can come together to support the wellness of our families and communities.  

“Virtual and in-person supports and services are available to everyone seeking help for mental health or wanting to take proactive action to maintain their well-being. Anyone can call 211 any time day or night, or visit alberta.ca/mentalhealth for more information.”