“Islamic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and learn about the history of Islam and its many contributions to society.

“From innovations in science, medicine and art, Islam’s rich culture has shaped many aspects of the modern world, including right here in our province.

“All Albertans should take pride in the freedom we have to practise our faith openly. Our diversity makes us stronger, and by celebrating each other’s unique traditions and beliefs, we create a province that welcomes everyone.

“However, attacks on Muslims in this province and this country are evidence that Islamophobia is a problem. They are actions of hatred that will not be tolerated.

“Along with my government colleagues, we will continue to address racism, promote multiculturalism and diversity, and attract and welcome newcomers to Alberta.

“Throughout the month of October, I encourage all Albertans to attend events being hosted by Islamic community groups and appreciate, welcome and learn more about our Muslim neighbours.”