Employees will have until Nov. 30 to submit proof of full vaccination.

“Our top priority throughout this pandemic has been ensuring the health and safety of all Albertans and that includes our public service. We know vaccines are the best way to keep everyone safe so it makes sense for the Alberta Public Service to make this a requirement.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

Employees who do not submit proof of vaccination will be required to obtain an accommodation based on the Alberta Human Rights Act or produce a negative PCR (molecular polymerase chain reaction) or rapid test result within 72 hours of every scheduled workday or shift, on an ongoing basis. Effective Dec. 14, these tests will be required and paid for by employees.

“Public service employees work in many settings all over the province, including work sites where proof of vaccination is already a requirement. Also, our employees often interact with vulnerable populations. Requiring our employees to be vaccinated provides a safe work environment for our staff and protects the Albertans we serve.”

Tim Grant, public service commissioner

The Alberta Public Service will use a secured system to facilitate vaccination reporting and monitoring to ensure personal information remains confidential and secure.

To further protect employees and the public, the Restrictions Exemptions Program (REP) will be implemented in all eligible Government of Alberta facilities. This is consistent with other Alberta venues so that Albertans can continue to support local artists and businesses safely.

Quick facts

  • Proof of  vaccination will apply to approximately 25,500 Alberta Public Service employees.
  • Starting Oct. 15, employees will be able to declare their vaccination status and submit proof of full vaccination (i.e. first and second dose). Employees will have until Nov. 30 to submit proof of full vaccination.
  • Employees will be allowed paid time to receive immunization.
  • Employees who do not provide proof of vaccination by the required deadline will be provided with additional education about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, in addition to the other testing requirements.