“I congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the re-election of his minority government.

“I would also like to congratulate all members elected to the House of Commons and to thank the hundreds of candidates and tens of thousands of election volunteers for their commitment to the democratic process.

“We will get down to work with the Government of Canada and all parties in this minority Parliament on issues that matter to Albertans, which first and foremost means getting through this fourth wave of COVID-19. One key lesson of the COVID era is that we must expand the capacity of Canada’s health-care system. That’s why Alberta’s government has joined all of the provinces in calling for a significant increase in the Canada Health Transfer to reflect rising health-care costs. I look forward to discussing this urgent priority with my fellow premiers at a virtual meeting of the Council of the Federation later this week.

“Alberta’s government will also continue its fight to secure a fair deal in Confederation, beginning with much-needed reform to the federal Equalization and Fiscal Stabilization Programs. Economic recovery must include all regions and all sectors of Canada’s economy. This is especially important for our energy sector, the country’s largest industrial sector.”