Starting on Sept. 19, Albertans can access a convenient card-sized proof of vaccination easily and quickly on without creating an online account. Albertans should have immediate access with no or minimal online wait time. 

Any Albertan who received their COVID-19 immunization, including children 12 years and older, will be able to save or print the card by entering:

  • month and year of vaccination of any dose
  • Alberta Personal Health Number
  • date of birth

The COVIDRecords website does not require signing up for My Alberta Digital ID or MyHealth Records. This will make it easier for Albertans to provide proof of vaccination to businesses checking patrons for government-issued proof of vaccination under the Restriction Exemption Program.

“We are making it simpler, faster and more accessible for all Albertans to get the printable card-sized COVID-19 vaccination record ahead of the proof of vaccination requirements coming into effect on Sept. 20. This innovative solution will help vaccinated Albertans access services and businesses across the province. If you didn’t get your vaccination, appointments are available across Alberta, so book yours today.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

With more than three million Albertans vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, this new tool will provide an alternative to accessing the MyHealth Records tool. MyHealth Records will continue to provide Albertans access to their test results and other information they need to manage their health.

Starting Sept. 20, businesses and events must either implement the Restriction Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination or negative test result to continue operating as usual or follow business capacity and operating restrictions.

Albertans are able to use their existing immunization records, including those received at their vaccination appointment or saved from MyHealth Records, even after the proof of vaccination requirements are implemented on Sept. 20. 

Work is also underway to make proof of vaccination available through a QR code. A QR code will be an easier, faster and more secure way to share the immunization record when needed. The QR code is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

Quick facts

  • If Albertans need help accessing their vaccine card, parents, guardians or someone else they trust can help them put their information into the system. This will make it easier for people who need extra help to access this important information.
  • All Albertans should receive a paper immunization record at their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.
  • In addition to accessing the proof of vaccination online, Albertans looking for proof of vaccination can contact the pharmacy or physician's office where they received the vaccine or call 811 to request a copy to be mailed.
  • To find the month and year of vaccination required on, Albertans can check their:
    • paper vaccination record
    • email confirmation received for their appointment
    • pharmacy or physician’s office where they received the vaccine, or call 811
    • personal MyHealth Records account
  • Albertans will also be able to request their proof of vaccination from a registry agent office in the coming days.
  • COVID-19 vaccination records may take up to two weeks to show on both and MyHealthRecords. It depends on when and how the health practitioner inputs the information after administering the vaccine.