“Arthritis is a chronic condition that often results in debilitating pain and restricted mobility, affecting more than 600,000 Albertans. It can limit their ability to be physically active – diminishing their enjoyment of life, participation within their family and community, mental health, and sometimes their livelihood too.

“There are more than 100 types of arthritis affecting joints and other tissues. It is the most pervasive chronic health condition and most common cause of disability but has no cure. However, through the support and care offered by families, communities and health providers, Albertans living with arthritis can manage their chronic condition and live a healthy life.

“I’m proud to declare September as Arthritis Awareness Month in Alberta. 

“Please join me in extending your compassion and support to those living with ongoing pain and physical limitations, and to those who care for them and share their struggles.  

“If you need support for yourself or a loved one, the Arthritis Society has information, programs and supports for arthritis patients, caregivers and families. They are a strong advocate and voice for people living with arthritis, encouraging them to stay as healthy as possible with the support of friends, family and the entire health system.”