“Our recovery plan is working for Albertans. With July’s encouraging job numbers, which saw the creation of 20,000 full-time jobs, we are seeing growth and job creation across many sectors of the economy. That’s what the recovery plan is all about: Building on our strengths while diversifying for the future.

“Part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan is the largest-ever infrastructure build in Alberta through the $20.3-billion capital plan. That alone is expected to support 90,000 jobs for Albertans when we need them most.

“Alberta’s Recovery Plan is also opening the door for new investments in hydrogen, tech and innovation, renewables, film and television, and so much more that is driving diversification of our economy and job creation. In fact, Alberta is seeing more than 9,000 new jobs from close to $1 billion in new investment from the film and television industry – including from HBO’s The Last of Us, the largest television series production in Canadian history.

“Another part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan is the Jobs Now program, which is strengthening our workforce with new training and skills to put 22,000 Albertans back to work.

“Most leading banks and think tanks are projecting that Alberta will lead Canada in economic growth this year and next.

“The first half of 2021 was challenging for many Albertans. We are optimistic for the rest of the year and we are incredibly grateful to all of the business owners that made sacrifices throughout the pandemic.”