Alberta’s first mobile vaccination clinic is a joint effort between Alberta Health and a broad coalition of businesses to help further extend Alberta’s successful vaccination campaign. The clinic’s focus is on rural communities, hard-to-reach populations, or those working in remote camps where vaccinations may be less accessible, or uptake may be low.

Over the last several months, a coalition of businesses called the Industry for Vaccination (IFV) and Alberta Health have been working collaboratively between government and business to enhance vaccination uptake in Alberta. This mobile vaccination clinic marks the latest effort in this collaboration and is one of only two of its kind in Canada—the other being in Quebec.

The mobile vaccination clinic will help to provide first and second doses to communities across Alberta, help reduce the likelihood of variant outbreaks, and provide a mobilization model for when Alberta shifts from a pandemic response into a likely seasonal campaign.

The clinic will begin its first immunizations next week and commence a tour from there to communities and workplaces across Alberta.

“Alberta’s private sector has always supported our efforts to get as many Albertans vaccinated as possible. They understand the value of getting our population protected so we can get back to our lives, our work, and past the pandemic. I am grateful that our industry leaders have stepped up to be an active part of Alberta’s vaccination plan, and I know that this mobile clinic will become a valuable tool for our efforts in our province’s more remote areas. Every vaccination will help secure our province’s recovery.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

“This project was born out of the question, ‘what can business do to help drive up vaccination rates?’ particularly for hard-to-reach populations or in areas with lower uptake. Alberta’s companies felt strongly about being part of the solution and want to play an active role in helping vaccinate Albertans. There is a role for business, working together with government, to help make life better for Albertans so that we can see loved ones again and begin to rebuild.”

Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta

“The mobile clinic will help Alberta go ‘the last mile’ in getting Albertans vaccinated. We're excited to partner with other like-minded leaders in industry to make this clinic a reality and support underserved areas in the province.”

Matthew Cox, president and CEO, TRAXX Holdings

“Right now, we anticipate being able to administer up to 300 doses a day per bus with the number of immunizers we have available to us and with the layout we designed in partnership with TRAXX. This will allow us to target rural communities with lower uptake or where vaccines aren’t readily accessible, as well as provide vaccinations at farms, plants, and work sites.”

James Puckrin, operating manager, ACESO Medical

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Quick facts

  • The Industry for Vaccination Coalition is made up of more than 40 businesses across Canada dedicated to partnering with governments to help facilitate vaccination of Canadians, saving lives and accelerating the recovery of our country.
  • Founded in Quebec, the coalition has assisted with vaccination efforts across Canada, including in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. The Alberta Coalition is co-chaired by Suncor and the Business Council of Alberta.