“The federal government’s intention to hastily phase out Canada’s world-class oil and gas industry is extremely harmful to the hundreds of thousands who directly and indirectly work in the sector, and will be detrimental to Canada’s economic recovery.

“As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, strong global demand for oil and gas is projected for decades to come. That source of energy has to come from somewhere, and Alberta is well-positioned to meet that demand. Yet it seems Ottawa is content to hamstring Canadian industry while letting other jurisdictions with lower environmental standards dominate the global market.

“Alberta’s oil and gas industry is already at the forefront of innovation and a diversified energy future with emerging opportunities like hydrogen, helium, geothermal development and petrochemicals.

“These new opportunities clearly demonstrate that the industry has already been transforming to meet post-pandemic energy demand, with many producers having set ambitious net-zero emissions goals.

“Alberta is proud to be one of the most responsible producers of oil and gas globally. We have a regulatory framework that balances both the environment and the economy, and we have invested billions of dollars in technologies that reduce – and in some cases eliminate – emissions, such as carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).

“None of this is possible without the hard work of our skilled oil and gas workers. Alberta will continue to tirelessly advocate on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of workers whose livelihoods depend on the industry. We expect the federal government to stand up for Alberta’s world-leading oil and gas sector instead of trying to dismantle it.”