“Alberta’s government recognizes the significant impacts that extreme dry weather has on the province’s producers. Our government is standing up for Alberta farmers and ranchers to ensure they are supported through these extreme conditions.

“With a federal election looming, Alberta received verbal commitment from Ottawa that a joint AgriRecovery program will be initiated to support Prairie producers affected by drought conditions prior to an election.

“At the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Agriculture Ministers’ meeting, the Prairie provinces and Ontario raised the extreme dry conditions that are increasing costs and diminishing yields for farmers and ranchers.

“The details of an AgriRecovery program are still being developed with industry and we will work with our provincial and federal counterparts to ensure that Alberta’s farmers and ranchers are supported.

“I have advised Alberta crop adjusters to be flexible and complete early assessments with affected crop and hay land – for example offering alternative use of crops to address forecasted feed shortages in our livestock industry.

“Alberta announced a 20 per cent reduction in insurance premiums this year. This allowed almost 400 additional farmers and ranchers to enrol in crop, pasture and forage insurance that protects against weather-related production loss.

“Alberta also has a Water Pumping Program that provides assistance to producers for the emergency filling of dugouts for livestock. Producers can rent pipe and pumping equipment from the province to fill dugouts or other suitable catch basins from nearby water sources for their animals. 

“I want to assure producers across Alberta that we understand the severity of this prolonged period of extreme dry weather and we are doing everything we can to ensure you receive the support you need.”