The business case for the Green Line project was submitted on June 24 and is currently awaiting federal Treasury Board approval.

“Alberta's $1.53-billion commitment toward the Green Line is a massive investment in the future of Calgary, one we are happy to make because we believe our best days are ahead of us. I'm grateful for the hard work done by the technical experts at the province and the city to make the Green Line a functional project that connects to the rest of the LRT network. I am confident that the Green Line is in a stronger, more certain position today, and is in the capable hands of an experienced project team that can take this important project forward.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Municipal Affairs

The City of Calgary was required to submit a revised business case to the provincial and federal governments after revising the alignment of the Green Line LRT in June 2020. At the same time, the provincial government launched a comprehensive review of the project to ensure it was technically and financially sound.

The recommendations of the provincial review were shared with the City of Calgary in fall 2020. The City of Calgary addressed these recommendations in the business case that was submitted to the province in late May, and subsequently submitted to the federal government on June 24.

Quick facts

  • Alberta’s government legislated $1.53 billion for the
    Green Line LRT in Budget 2019.
  • While the Green Line LRT is a City of Calgary project, the province is required to submit the updated business case to the federal government.
  • The City of Calgary is taking a phased approached to construction:
    • Phase 1: 18 kilometres of LRT from Shepard to Eau Claire, which includes bus rapid transit enhancements along Centre Street to 160 Avenue.
    • Phase 2: Two kilometres of LRT from Eau Claire to 16 Avenue North.