“The Government of Alberta unequivocally condemns recent arson attacks that have targeted Christian churches across Canada and Alberta.

“Today in Morinville, l’église de Saint-Jean-Baptiste was destroyed in what appears to have been a criminal act of arson. This historic church was in the heart of Morinville and a key part of the spiritual life of Alberta's Francophone community.

“This is unacceptable in Alberta. It is unacceptable in Canada. These attacks targeting Christian churches are attempts to destroy the spiritual sites that are important to people of faith across Alberta, including many Indigenous people.

“The Canada we know is not one where hate-motivated arson attacks targeting religious communities are common place or allowed to continue.

“That's why today, Alberta’s government is announcing that we will double funding for the Alberta Security Infrastructure Program, from $1 million to $2 million annually, to help protect churches and other targets of hateful vandalism and violence. I have also instructed Justice Minister Kaycee Madu to work with ALERT and police chiefs across the province immediately to step up monitoring and protection of potential target sites.”