“June is Brain Injury Awareness Month – an opportunity to recognize all Albertans who live with a brain injury.

“About 5,000 Albertans injure their heads every year – in traumatic events such as car or bike crashes, from falls or sporting accidents, or because of internal conditions such as lack of oxygen from a heart attack or near-drowning, bleeding from a stroke or aneurism, exposure to toxins such as alcohol and drugs, or pressure from a tumour.

“Some injuries are minor and can repair themselves. Others are life-changing and bring struggles with chronic pain and fatigue, balance and mobility issues, speech or communication challenges. We believe all Albertans, regardless of the barriers they face, deserve the opportunity to live full, independent lives with opportunities to participate in their communities.

“Alberta’s social programs and health system provide top-quality services for everyone experiencing head and brain injuries, from mild concussion to a severe aneurism and stroke. Thanks to all the physicians, nurses, speech language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals and service providers who step in to provide emergency and ongoing specialized care and support.

“Alberta’s government also supports people with brain injuries and their families through the Alberta Brain Injury Initiative, which provides funding to community-based agencies to support adults living with brain injury. Brain care centres and brain injury support services across the province help people through counselling, by teaching life skills, organizing daily activities as well as volunteer and housing opportunities, or by providing assistance buying groceries or with transportation needs.

“As we recognize Brain Injury Awareness Month, it is important to take time to acknowledge Albertans living with a brain injury and our community partners that help ensure services reach the right people. Together, we can make Alberta a leader in supporting people with brain injuries.”