Over the last two months, Minister Schweitzer has met with almost 50 chambers of commerce and industry associations across the province, speaking with nearly 3,000 Albertans about how we can create jobs and get Albertans back to work with a strong economic rebound. Schweitzer’s Alberta’s Rebound tour will continue throughout the summer and fall as he promotes the province’s attractive investment climate to business leaders across the country and internationally.

Starting with a June 1 presentation to the Canadian Club in Toronto, Minister Schweitzer’s national virtual tour will share the considerable opportunities in Alberta as we build the best investment environment in Canada. In addition to specific industry strategies, Minister Schweitzer will highlight the Recovery Plan’s three pillars: low taxes, efficient government and strengthening our workforce. Minister Schweitzer’s speech can be viewed here.

“Alberta is on track to lead the country in GDP growth and job creation – it’s time to showcase to investors across Canada and internationally that Alberta is the best value proposition for investment and growth. Our primary economic drivers are set for one of their strongest years in the last decade and our diversification efforts are maturing after years of effort.

“We want investors across Canada to know that we are creating the best investment environment in the country and we want them to invest and create jobs in Alberta. The value proposition is there for companies but, more importantly, it is an even better value proposition for their employees who can get ahead faster in Alberta.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation