“Deafblindness is a condition that combines both hearing and visual impairment and affects one in every 3,000 Canadians. Albertans living with this disability often have difficulties accessing information, learning, communicating and participating in everyday life.

“I am proud to declare June as National Deafblind Awareness Month in Alberta and demonstrate my commitment to support Albertans with disabilities to live full lives with opportunities to participate in their community.

“The disability community is working hard to make communities and supports more accessible. I am looking forward to continuing this work with our partners to ensure policies and programming address the needs of individuals and families. 

“Raising awareness of deafblindness will help ensure services in our communities meet the needs of Albertans affected by deafblindness and ensure everyone is connected to opportunities to live dignified, successful lives.

“As we recognize National Deafblind Awareness Month, I want to acknowledge Albertans who live with deafblindness, as well as our community partners who are dedicated to helping vulnerable Albertans. Together, we can position Alberta as a leader in supporting people with deafblindness to lead full, independent lives.”