“May 23-29 marks National Paramedic Services Week. I join all Albertans in thanking our paramedic heroes for the critical work they do across the province every day, no matter the time of day or night.

“Whether arriving by fixed-wing aircraft, ground ambulance, helicopter or SUV, paramedics are there when Albertans need them – offering care, compassion and life-saving skills in both critical and non-urgent situations. 

“As front-line health-care providers, paramedics play a key role in Alberta’s pandemic response. Paramedics are providing testing and vaccinations while continuing to deliver essential care to Albertans, at a time of unprecedented risk to themselves and their families. 

“In years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta’s paramedics have put on some tremendous Paramedic Services Week events, allowing everyone the opportunity to see up close the work they do, and the exemplary people and professionals they are.

“This year, I know many paramedics are celebrating by sharing photos and stories on social media, and they would welcome likes, shares and personal comments from Albertans in appreciation and support.   

“Albertans can also support our paramedics by continuing to follow public health guidelines and getting vaccinated. Paramedics help us, and we can help them.”