“Every year, women across Alberta receive the news they have some form of ovarian cancer. My thoughts are with them and their loved ones today, and with those who are battling any form of cancer.

“There are many types of ovarian cancers, and every woman is at risk. This World Ovarian Cancer Day, I’m asking Albertans to help raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer with every woman you know and love so more women will seek medical attention sooner, improve their treatment options and, hopefully, their prognosis.  

“Symptoms include persistent bloating, eating difficulties such as feeling full quickly, extreme fatigue, urinary problems and abdominal pain. These symptoms can often be overlooked or dismissed as having some other cause – and that may be the case – but if they are present almost every day and persist for two weeks, it’s time to seek help from a doctor

“Sadly, ovarian cancer has one of the lowest survival rates. Please don’t put off speaking with your health-care provider. The pandemic has put many things on hold, but your health-care system is open and available to address new or ongoing health issues.  

“Thank you to all of Alberta’s physicians, nurses and staff who are there to assist Albertans with all their health concerns.”