“April is Cancer Awareness Month – a fitting time of year – as spring brings hope for brighter days ahead. After a year of the pandemic, this spring is truly a welcome season for many Albertans.

“As we sense the changes of the season, it is important to also pay attention to changes in our health.

Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Cancer Foundation want to remind all Albertans about the importance of listening to your body and seeking medical attention right away when you notice changes.

“Early diagnosis of cancer increases treatment options and improves outcomes. The pandemic has put aside many routines, but seeking regular medical attention should not be one of them. Your health-care system is open and available.

“This Cancer Awareness Month, please talk with your health-care provider so they can investigate any new or ongoing concerns. You may feel hesitant to do so during the pandemic, but precautions are in place and doctors are there to help you if something seems off.

“Please join me in recognizing the many Albertans who are fighting any form of cancer, and their loved ones who are also experiencing the devastation of this awful disease.

“Thank you to Alberta’s oncologists, cancer researchers, nurses, staff and volunteers who are at the front line of hope for many cancer patients and their families. They work tirelessly to reduce the impacts of cancer and renew our faith that a cure will be found. That is a change we would all welcome. 

“You can help grow hope for cancer patients and their families by participating in the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Campaign.”