“Around the globe, individuals with Down Syndrome and those who love them, come together to recognize March 21 as World Down Syndrome Day.

“Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder and occurs in about one of every 800 births in Canada. Persons born with Down Syndrome often enjoy full, productive lives as they manage health challenges, developmental delays and learning disabilities.

“Alberta’s government and its many partners are committed to ensuring that persons living with Down Syndrome are treated with dignity, respect and equality, and receive the dedicated lifelong care and supports they need to enjoy and fulfill their potential in their family life, workplaces and communities, to the benefit of everyone.

“I am pleased to join the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, and local Down Syndrome societies in Alberta to support this important day of recognition. Today, I will be wearing colourful mis-matched socks as part of an annual campaign organized to raise awareness of the gifts and skills of people with Down syndrome. I hope Albertans from all communities will join me and don #lotsofsocks to recognize this important day.”