“I am pleased to see the federal government’s acknowledgement of Alberta’s strong caribou recovery plan and actions to date.

“As part of our commitment under the Section 11 conservation agreement between Canada and Alberta on woodland caribou under the Species At Risk Act, Alberta will develop 11 made-in-Alberta sub-regional plans by the end of 2025 in order to better protect our native caribou and ensure a future for our forestry and oil and gas industries in the region.

“Alberta has also invested $26 million in its caribou habitat restoration program since 2017, including $9.5 million since April 2020. The habitat restoration program is a key component of our caribou recovery effort and complements our sub-regional planning work. We also look forward to securing federal funding to support Alberta’s caribou recovery efforts.

“In addition to addressing caribou recovery, sub-regional plans will consider a broad range of land uses as part of the government’s commitment to maintain a landscape that supports environmental and conservation outcomes, Indigenous traditional use, recreation and economic development.

“It’s critical that caribou recovery plans reflect the needs of people and wildlife – each region is distinct with specific geography and land-use activities.

“We are confident that our sub-regional planning process will find the right balance between protecting both southern mountain and boreal caribou herds while maintaining local industry and jobs.

“Achieving this balance would not be possible without the contributions of the hard-working Albertans who make up our caribou sub-regional task forces. Representation from municipalities, Indigenous groups, the energy and forestry sectors, trappers, recreational users, environmental non-governmental organizations, and other local stakeholders and knowledge holders ensured all viewpoints were heard during our sub-regional planning process.”