“The complaint that was filed by the AUPE on January 20, 2021, is without merit. The Government of Alberta is bargaining in good faith.  AUPE’s complaint focuses on the government’s proposal, which is a standard part of the bargaining process.

“The proposal that the government of Alberta has set is reasonable. In contrast, AUPE wants to add $200M to public sector wages.”

“In these tough economic times, Albertans expect that the government will be responsible stewards of the public purse. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide economic recession, there is an added urgency to get the province’s spending under control.

“More than half of the province’s funds go to paying public sector compensation – which includes nurses, healthcare professionals, teachers and those who work for government. The government needs to ensure this cost is fair, and results in the highest level of services for Albertans. Finding compensation efficiencies will allow more funds to go toward the programs and services that Albertans rely on as we focus on economic recovery and a return to prosperity.

“We will make every reasonable effort to negotiate and work through next steps in the process to reach an agreement that reflects the province’s current economic and fiscal reality.”