“While the new federal firearms legislation may include some useful measures, it appears once again that Ottawa is more interested in targeting law-abiding Canadians rather than the criminals who recklessly endanger public safety by ignoring all laws.

“We know that the overwhelming majority of guns used in committing crimes in Canada are illegally smuggled over the United States border, and we fully support efforts to crack down on smuggled guns. We wish Ottawa paid more attention to this very real issue, rather than trying to score cheap political wins.

“The federal government seems to be obsessively focused on duly-licensed Canadian firearms owners. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians purchased their property legally, and have used that property legally and safely for many years. These citizens should not be treated like criminals by their own federal government. 

“We are also bewildered by the supposed provision for municipal bylaw gun bans. Albertans are smart enough to know that made-in-Toronto calls for city gun bans are futile, since criminals flagrantly using guns won't follow such a bylaw anyways. In addition, a patchwork approach of policy varying by invisible municipal boundaries would create obvious confusion in enforcement, and the federal government clearly knows that.

“The Constitution is clear that municipalities fall under the jurisdiction of the provinces. In fact, municipalities in Alberta are a creation of the provincial government. The federal bill has just been introduced, but should it pass, Alberta would vigilantly defend its jurisdiction.

“I'd also note that MLA Michaela Glasgo has introduced private member's Bill 211, which would limit municipalities' ability to pass bylaws on these matters. The Government of Alberta will expedite that bill, and remains on track to appoint Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer.”