The ministerial order issued by Education Minister Adriana LaGrange took effect May 21, 2020, and the board was required to complete all directives by Nov. 30, 2020.

The directives in the ministerial order fall into several themes:

  • governance
  • Calgary Board of Education central office building (Education Centre)
  • financial management
  • procurement and expenditures
  • communication
  • staffing levels and compensation

“The best interests of students should always be front and centre for all school authorities, including the Calgary Board of Education. Their commitment to comply with the ministerial order shows they are moving in the right direction. The work that CBE has to do is not over and we encourage them to continue to work with their governance coach. Alberta Education and CBE will continue to ensure ongoing implementation of these changes. This includes a check-in after six months and one year.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

“The outcome of our work on the ministerial order is a stronger CBE. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are confident that this work will benefit CBE students for many years to come. The changes we have made better position the board to provide oversight, assess risk and direct resources in the best interest of student success while ensuring CBE’s overall financial health.”

Marilyn Dennis, board chair, Calgary Board of Education

Quick facts

  • The CBE board of trustees implemented policy and operational changes to the key policies identified in the ministerial order.
  • CBE developed a program evaluation framework, based on a cost-effectiveness model, and is currently implementing this framework.
  • CBE has retained an experienced governance expert who has been involved in working closely with the board of trustees.
  • CBE has implemented a communication confidentiality protocol and has communicated this to all school leaders.
  • For the Education Centre lease, CBE commissioned an options analysis report, which it is considering.
  • CBE also completed a salary survey, which the board of trustees relied on to develop a long-term strategy that will guide them moving forward.

Other actions include implementation of a revised service delivery model for psychology services and the creation of a strategic approach to analyzing staffing and compensation levels to account for the needs of their students.