“One year ago today, 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents, including a large number of Albertans, were among the 176 passengers aboard Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 when it was shot down near Tehran.

“So much has happened in the momentous year since this horrific tragedy occurred, that it may seem long ago now. But for those who mourn lost love ones, the pain is as raw and the sense of loss as overpowering as the moment they heard the terrible news last January.

“I know that all Albertans join me in expressing heartfelt condolences to Alberta’s Iranian community as they mark this terrible milestone. The Government of Alberta supports the ongoing effort by Canada and our global partners to ensure a full and transparent investigation into the crash.

“The community at the University of Alberta was impacted significantly by this tragedy. That’s why the Government of Alberta contributed $250,000 to the U of A’s Mojgan Daneshmand, Pedram Mousavi and Victims of Flight PS752 Memorial Fund.  It will be a lasting tribute to the 10 crash victims who were University of Alberta faculty, students, alumni or family.

“On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I extend my deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the passengers, and my wishes for full accountability and justice for this heinous act.”