“The federal action plan marks an exciting step forward in our collective exploration of this new small-scale nuclear technology, which has the potential to produce clean electricity to help meet Canada’s and Alberta’s future energy needs.

“Small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs, are smaller and more versatile than traditional nuclear reactors, and could be a new source of low-carbon energy for Alberta. This technology has particular potential in our energy sector, as it could help power oil sands facilities and further reduce the emissions intensity of our oil.

“Alberta is pleased to be working with the federal government and our provincial partners – including Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick – to support the development of this promising technology. Continued collaboration and knowledge sharing will be crucial as we explore SMR development with the shared objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating jobs, and bolstering the recovery of our national and provincial economies.

“Alberta has a lot to offer to this initiative, as we are home to some of the greatest uranium deposits in North America. Coupled with our long history of responsible and innovative energy development, a technically skilled and educated workforce and an established regulatory system, we will play a strong role in tapping into the potential of this burgeoning energy source.

“As we continue to take actions that support the province’s economic recovery, the health and safety of Albertans will remain our first priority. Any potential SMR development would be subject to rigorous federal and provincial approval processes to ensure environmental standards are respected, and the appropriate checks and balances are in place.

“Our commitment to exploring SMRs is just another example of our ongoing efforts to build onto our strengths in the traditional oil and gas sectors and diversify our energy mix. We’ve already taken strong action by releasing a value-added natural gas strategy – which outlines goals to become a competitive global supplier of hydrogen and liquefied natural gas – and have launched the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program, introduced legislation to encourage geothermal development, and announced work on a comprehensive mineral strategy.

“Alberta has a long history of responsible energy development, and through our participation in the SMR Action Plan we will stay at the forefront of this promising technology.”