“As a province central to Canada’s efforts to build a globally groundbreaking clean hydrogen sector, Alberta’s government supports Ottawa’s work on a collaborative strategy that will rely on our industry’s experience and expertise in natural resource production and emissions reduction technology.

“The federal strategy – which Alberta contributed to – supports the work we are doing to build a provincial hydrogen road map and provide significant environmental and economic benefits to Alberta, Canada and across the world.

“There is no doubt that Alberta will play a leading role in the future of Canada’s clean hydrogen economy. We are already one of the world’s biggest producers of hydrogen, and our abundant natural gas supply and experience with carbon capture and storage means we have the tools and experience to produce clean hydrogen right now, and for decades to come.”

Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy

“Whether our hydrogen is produced from natural gas or other sources, we are in a strong position to supply the next wave of innovation in heating, transportation and electricity generation with Alberta-made clean-burning hydrogen.

“To ensure we’re positioned to capitalize on opportunities in this emerging sector, the Government of Alberta included hydrogen as one of five key growth areas in our Natural Gas Vision and Strategy, which also clearly stated our intent to deploy clean hydrogen across the provincial economy and to export clean hydrogen to international markets.

“The Alberta Government is also working on our own hydrogen road map. In fact, last week we met with almost 100 organizations – including industry partners, researchers, environmental groups and others – to identify the unique opportunities we have to advance the industry in Alberta.

“Our road map will build upon the work in the federal strategy, while leveraging what gives Alberta a competitive edge in the future of hydrogen: namely the leadership, expertise and long-standing experience of our energy industry.

“I look forward to sharing our road map in the coming months, and to continuing to work with our federal counterparts to build a strong path forward for hydrogen in Canada.”

Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity