“Nov. 19 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers; only half of those diagnosed will live more than four months and just eight per cent will survive five years.

“Because it is so hard to detect and symptoms rarely appear until it has spread, most cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed at a late stage.

“A diagnosis can be overwhelming. Patients and families have little time to accept the news and respond to the prognosis before their lives are forever changed. My thoughts are with them.

“Increased awareness about the risk factors of pancreatic cancer can improve prevention and earlier detection. Risk factors that we can control include smoking, obesity, poor diet and alcohol consumption.

“The Government of Alberta is committed to funding cancer research and providing meaningful supports to help every Albertan facing cancer. That includes improved access to high-quality palliative care.  

“I encourage Albertans to reach out to the Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society. Their work helps improve the quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients and their families through practical, financial and emotional supports. They also raise funds for research – providing us all with hope for improved survival rates.”

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