Check against delivery.

Thank you, Premier, and good afternoon.

Today, I will be providing a breakdown of cases for the last two days due to the technical issues that we encountered yesterday.

We are still working to fix the problem.

We are able to report on our current numbers, but are still addressing issues with updating the online dashboard and status map.

This is our top priority, and we have six different teams and more than 20 people working full-time on solving the technical issues.

The challenge we are experiencing seems to be in the data pipeline that connects our analytics infrastructure to the front line lab and data systems in Alberta Health Services.

The front line systems are all working well, so there is no risk that cases are not being identified or notified right now.

We are able to get the high level case numbers from these front line data systems, but we need to fix that data pipeline to be able to get all the details into our analytics system to be able to produce our dashboards.

We are working this weekend to address the problem and we will update the dashboard on Monday.

Over the weekend, we will provide daily case counts on Saturday and Sunday, as the Premier mentioned, to keep Albertans informed.

I know that many people follow this information closely, and I appreciate your patience.

As Premier Kenney mentioned, on Nov. 4, we identified 802 new cases. Yesterday, as you heard, we identified 609 additional new cases.

Over the last two days we have completed 26,483 tests.

There are currently as you heard 171 people in hospital, including 33 admitted to the ICU.

Both Calgary and Edmonton continue to see rising cases, and other parts of the province as well.

Sadly, I must also report eight additional deaths over the last two days.

My heart goes out to all those mourning a loved one right now, knowing that there are unique challenges to grieving together during this difficult time.

I am concerned about the rise in case numbers, and as I have said before the cases we are seeing in schools, in hospitals and in continuing care facilities – are largely a reflection of the transmission that is going on in our communities.

This is why we are taking the steps that Premier announced today, and why it is crucial that we all take action.

I know these measures will impact many people, and they are not taken lightly.

For those whose wedding receptions, family gatherings, or birthday parties may be impacted, I am sorry for the challenge this change will bring.

It is critical, however, that we bring our numbers down to protect our health system and our communities.

In addition to the measures just announced, I would ask all Albertans to look closely at their own lives and ways they can make themselves and others safer.

If you can reduce your social circle, hold meetings or events virtually, or embrace new habits that will make those around you safer, now is the time to do it.

It will take all of us working together and being as careful as possible to reverse this trend.

But it is possible.

It has been a challenging year but one thing remains true: we are in this together and we are strongest together.

Thank you, and we will now be happy to answer any questions that you may have.