Water infrastructure projects support jobs, economy

Infrastructure Minister Panda announces funding for Bow River flood barrier project for West Eau Claire to Centre Street Bridge.

Together, the governments of Canada and Alberta, with the support of municipalities or other community organizations, will provide more than $107.5 million to complete eight infrastructure projects in northern and southern Alberta as approved through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

These projects will upgrade or build new water/wastewater treatment systems, stormwater management systems and flood barriers.

In Calgary, the downtown flood barrier project will create a new barrier along the south bank of the Bow River to improve flood control. This barrier will be connected to the West Eau Claire and Centre Street Bridge lower deck flood barriers to form a continuous barrier along the Bow River. A second project in Calgary will add a stormwater trunk in the upper plateau to direct stormwater runoff directly into the Bow River and reduce the risk and magnitude of stormwater flooding.

The Siksika Nation will build two new drinking water wells to provide a stable source of feed water for the Arthur A. Youngman treatment facility that will meet growing community needs and reduce environmental impacts.

“Investing in essential services like drinking water treatment and flood barriers is key to building resilient communities. The downtown flood barrier project in Calgary and the drinking water wells in Siksika Nation are just two of eight new Alberta projects that will help keep communities safe and healthy while protecting essential public infrastructure. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds stronger communities.”

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Protecting Alberta residents and businesses from flood damage, most notably protecting downtown Calgary from flooding like we saw in 2013, is a critical measure to safeguard the economy. Additionally, hundreds of Albertans will be employed in building this infrastructure at a time when an economic boost is needed most.”

Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure

“I am pleased to see important flood mitigation and safe water projects going ahead in communities across our province. Updated water infrastructure is critical to keeping communities safe and healthy, and ensures that our local economies can recover quickly from severe weather events. Funding for these projects will create much-needed jobs for Albertans in the short term, and will protect communities and businesses for many years to come.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

“Calgarians and southern Albertans have long awaited critical infrastructure to protect their communities from catastrophic flooding. These flood mitigation and wastewater investments will sustain Albertans’ quality of life and create more than 600 jobs when they are needed most.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“The funding announced is a major step to fully protecting downtown Calgary businesses and residences from another devastating flood. Completing the downtown flood barrier will create 100 needed jobs, but it will also create peace of mind for so many Calgarians who worry every spring about what could happen. The resilience we’re building together in projects like these will protect our economy, our people, and our way of life.”

Naheed Nenshi, mayor, City of Calgary

Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a bold, ambitious long-term strategy to build, diversify, and create tens of thousands of jobs now. By building schools, roads and other core infrastructure we are benefiting our communities. By diversifying our economy and attracting investment with Canada’s most competitive tax environment, we are putting Alberta on a path for a generation of growth. Alberta came together to save lives by flattening the curve and now we must do the same to save livelihoods, grow and thrive.

Quick facts

  • These water-related infrastructure projects are part of the more than $10 billion infrastructure spending announced as part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan.
  • This spending includes:
    • $6.9 billion Budget 2020 capital spending
    • $980 million accelerated for Capital Maintenance and Renewal
    • $200 million for Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program and water infrastructure projects
    • $600 million in strategic infrastructure projects, $500 million in municipal infrastructure
    • $1.5 billion for Keystone XL
  • Through the Investing in Canada plan, the Government of Canada is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years in public transit projects, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and Canada’s rural and northern communities.
  • Since 2015, the Government of Canada has invested $4.9 billion in 338 infrastructure projects across Alberta.
  • To support Canadians and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new stream has been added to the more than $33-billion Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to help fund pandemic-resilient infrastructure. Existing program streams have also been adapted to include more eligible project categories.
  • The new Canada Healthy Communities Initiative will provide up to $31 million in existing federal funding to support communities as they deploy innovative new ways to adapt spaces and services to respond to immediate and ongoing needs arising from COVID-19 over the next two years.
Alberta's Recovery Plan