“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

“We all know this has been a challenging year. But there is still so much for us to be grateful for as Albertans, as Canadians: for our freedoms, for our peace, for opportunity, for family, and for so much more.

“And I think perhaps we’ve learned to be more grateful about things that we used to take for granted over these past challenging months. There are still many more challenging months that lie ahead. But one way that we can get through them is with a spirit of unity and gratitude.

“On Thanksgiving, I’m always especially grateful for those who went before us, who paved the way – who built this remarkably free and generous society: the First Nations, the pioneers, for those men and women who served in uniform and who continue to serve our communities, keeping us safe at this time.

“So once again to you and your families, however you are celebrating this year, let me wish you on behalf of Alberta’s government a very happy Thanksgiving.”

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