“This historic agreement between TC Energy and Natural Law Energy for a large equity stake in energy infrastructure projects, including Keystone XL, marks another major step forward to securing Indigenous communities as true partners in energy prosperity.

“The vast majority of Indigenous communities in Alberta and Western Canada recognize that their economic history and destiny lie in the prudent and responsible stewardship of the resources that lie on and below their traditional lands.

“This MOU affirms the shared importance Indigenous people and Alberta’s government place on projects such as Keystone XL, which will bring the jobs and steady economic benefits to lift more people onto solid financial ground – now and for years to come.

“The full participation of Indigenous people in our entire economy is central to reconciliation. Likewise, Alberta’s recovery depends on Indigenous communities participating in economic prosperity.

“Alberta’s government is proud of the strides it is making in its commitment to remove barriers to Indigenous communities becoming owners of major natural resource development projects.

“This announcement follows recent news of the first Indigenous investment in a major resource project backed by the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation – a $93-million investment into the Cascade power project, a $1.5-billion natural gas-fired power plant being built near Edson.

“Through a potential equity investment in Keystone XL, it’s encouraging to see Indigenous communities taking further control of their own destiny

“Alberta’s $1.5-billion equity investment into Keystone XL was the key factor in ensuring this vital project that will support 17,000 high-paying jobs in Canada and transport up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil to market gets built.”