The new Dr. Peter B. R. Allen Lifetime Achievement in Health Award will recognize the outstanding contributions and extraordinary efforts nominees have made over their career.

The award is named after Dr. Peter Allen, an Alberta neurosurgeon who spent four decades mastering techniques in the operating room, building rapport through kindness and generosity with patients and coworkers alike, and listening closely to ensure he treated people holistically, beyond the neurosurgical condition they faced.

“I’m so pleased to launch this new award program named after Dr. Allen, who mentored me personally and professionally in my own career. Peter taught me about leadership and patience, about balancing family with work, and about bringing out the best in others. I want to celebrate him and all the people working so hard in health care across the province.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

“It is truly an honour to have this new award named after my husband, Peter, and to recognize those who share his principles. Peter dedicated his career to helping others. He placed a high degree of importance on the entire care team, including all levels of hospital staff, since he believed everyone played a vital role. He embraced life to the fullest, whether he was driving the back roads of the province, hiking in the mountains, building his airplane or spending time with family and friends. He lived by the motto ‘Busy hands are happy hands.’ ”

Barbara Allen, wife of Dr. Peter Allen

Health-care workers, including nurses, doctors and allied health professionals across care sectors, can be nominated as long as they have strong roots in the province, are connected to the health-care community, and have worked to improve the lives of Albertans for more than 20 years. More information can be found on the award website.

The government is accepting nominations until Nov. 9. A selection panel of health-care leaders and experts will create a short list of nominees and Minister Shandro will announce the recipient in the winter.

Quick facts

  • Dr. Peter Baker Roderick Allen graduated as a doctor from the University of Alberta’s medical school in 1956.
  • He won the Royal College of Surgeon’s Medal of Surgery in 1958 for his work on liver disease.
  • In 1960, he pursued a fellowship in neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
  • From 1963 to 2001, Dr. Allen pursued his career at the University of Alberta.
  • As vice-president, Medical, at the University of Alberta Hospital from 1985 to 1990, he led work to build and open a modern neurosurgical intensive care unit, which was later named after him.
  • Dr. Allen died in 2013.