“Approximately 2,000 Albertans of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities will be diagnosed with a form of blood cancer this year.

“Blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, weaken the body’s immune system and leave patients fatigued and susceptible to many infections.

“We are fortunate in Alberta to have some of the most advanced cancer treatment facilities and technologies – and the biggest increase in cancer survival rates since the early 1990s has been with blood cancers.

“Blood cancer patients, however, have experienced limited access to some treatment options and their hope may be diminished as a result.

“We need to make progress on this. Lives depend on it.

“That is why the Government of Alberta is working with other jurisdictions to find pathways to improve access to blood cancer drug therapies such as CAR T-cell Therapy.

“Our goal is to ensure the most promising treatments can be provided to Albertans sooner, health outcomes are improved, and families have more time with their loved ones.

“Hope should never be in short supply.

“September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage all Albertans to find out more about blood cancers, and join me in thanking Alberta’s hematologists, oncologists, nurses and support staff who battle blood cancers and provide needed support to patients and families.”

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