“I am pleased to announce that Dave Rodney has been appointed as Alberta’s agent general to Houston. Texas is Alberta’s second-largest export market in the United States, and it is vital we have an in-market presence to lead Alberta’s efforts to expand our commercial ties to the region. With his extensive government experience and his personal drive, Alberta needs someone like Dave who will engage with American business leaders and investors and put Alberta’s interests first. I have the utmost confidence he is the right person for this role.” 

Jason Kenney, Premier  

In his posting as agent general, Rodney will work to establish closer business relationships and pursue new investment opportunities that will revitalize Alberta’s energy sector and create jobs, since the province is a major supplier of energy resources to Texas and other states. Rodney is familiar with the diversity and challenges of the sector through his previous roles in government as the parliamentary secretary for Sustainable Resource Development and as Alberta’s energy representative to the Council of State Governments.

He will also seek business opportunities to expand Alberta’s emerging sectors, including advanced technologies, health sciences, and aerospace and aviation.

“As economies gradually reopen, Alberta needs to be equipped and ready to rebuild its economic relationships with our trading partners. I am pleased that Dave Rodney has agreed to take on the role of agent general; we are beginning a new chapter in Alberta’s relationship with the United States and we need a person of his calibre to seek out new opportunities for Alberta’s businesses.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism

Reporting to the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, the agent general will play a key role in delivering programming and services that support government priorities in international markets and work closely with the Canadian Consulate in Houston to promote Alberta’s interests in-market.

“I am humbled by the trust that Premier Kenney has placed in me, since he has asked me to assist as Alberta's agent general to Houston, U.S.A. It is an honour to serve the people of the province as we seek to advance the interests of Albertans in this invaluable market. Together, we will prove that investor confidence in numerous sectors is best placed in Alberta; with the resultant improvement of the livelihoods and quality of life of thousands of Albertans. I am ready to play my part in Premier Kenney's efforts to encourage and facilitate further bilateral trade and investment opportunities that will mutually benefit both Alberta and the United States, while seeking to build North American energy self-sufficiency."

Dave Rodney, Alberta Agent General to the U.S.

“Texas is Alberta’s second-largest partner and a key bilateral relationship. The value of our exports to the Lone Star state is $10.4 billion each year – a number that has been growing even through the last several challenging economic years. This relationship is clearly essential for the North American energy industry, however it has also become important for other strong sectors, including tech and innovation. Our province has a compelling case for greater investment through tax, talent, low cost of living, low cost of office space, and high quality of life. We are becoming hard to ignore. We’re very pleased to see that Alberta will be well-represented in bringing this message to Texas.”

Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta

“We are encouraged to see Alberta’s government strategically advancing our province’s interests and growing markets with our country’s largest trading partner. Growing our relationships and influence with our friends in Texas is something our province can look to in order to help grow our economy in the years to come, and today’s announcement will help facilitate that.”

Terry O’Flynn, board chair, Alberta Enterprise Group

“Canada and the United States have a long history as trading partners, working toward economic growth and a high standard of living for the people of both countries. Alberta supplies significant energy exports to the United States and it is important – now more than ever – to maintain strong relationships and ensure continued market access for our exports.”

Tim McMillan, president and CEO, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

“Mr. Rodney has been a dedicated public servant and will be a strong representative for the Province of Alberta in this new role. International trade and the Texas market, in particular, are very important for Alberta, and Mr. Rodney’s experience will be of great assistance to Alberta’s exporters seeking to grow in the U.S. markets.”

Joe Lougheed, chair, Calgary Economic Development

“PSAC supported Premier Kenney’s recent mission to Texas and is pleased that it is followed by the appointment of Dave Rodney as Alberta’s agent general to Houston. This is good news for PSAC members as the U.S. is an important source of investment capital for our sector and key export market for oilfield services. An in-market presence in Houston will also be an advantage for Albertan companies seeking opportunities in the U.S. for market intelligence, networking, and exposure.”

Elizabeth Aquin, interim president and CEO, Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Rodney will start his three-year assignment immediately. When the Canada-U.S. border reopens and travel resumes, he will relocate to Houston. Until then, he will connect with American business leaders and investors through other means such as technology. 

He will receive a bi-weekly salary of $9,635.

Quick facts

  • During his mission to Houston in November 2019, Premier Kenney announced that Alberta would formally establish a presence in Houston.
  • Texas is Alberta’s second-largest export market overall, and Alberta’s exports to Texas in 2018 totalled $11.6 billion worth of goods. Energy exports accounted for $8 billion.
  • Alberta is one of the largest suppliers of imported oil and gas to the United States.
  • In 2018, Alberta’s crude oil exports accounted for about 38 per cent of U.S. crude oil imports.
  • Alberta is the largest supplier of natural gas to the U.S., providing about 70 per cent of the country’s imports in 2018.
  • In 2018, Alberta and Texas signed a memorandum of understanding to seek opportunities to enhance trade and investment and to explore prospects for economic development that could contribute to job growth in Alberta and Texas across several sectors.