The $50-million project will support about 256 jobs and address traffic safety issues associated with narrow segments along this busy corridor by increasing lane and shoulder widths.

“Yellowhead County and the Municipal District of Greenview are growing destinations for tourism and recreation, as well as expanding natural gas developments and increasing forestry activity. Improving Highway 40 will give Albertans better access to explore the Rocky Mountains and will create jobs and economic development in our important natural resource industries. This project is part of our government’s recovery plan to create jobs, build infrastructure to spur economic growth, and continue to diversify our economy.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“In West Yellowhead, we love the Rockies and want people to be able to live here safely, as well as work and visit. These needed infrastructure improvements south of Grande Cache will help give industry, residents and visitors peace of mind while exploring one of the most scenic places in our great province."

Martin Long, MLA for West Yellowhead

Highway 40 is an important corridor for accessing tourism and recreation opportunities, transporting services to communities north of the Yellowhead Highway, and supporting the growing natural gas and forestry industries in the area.

Quick facts

  • The 36-kilometre section of Highway 40 will be expanded from a width of eight metres to 12 metres, and will include culvert extensions.
  • Construction could begin in 2021.
  • The project will take about two years to complete.
  • This stretch of Highway 40 sees about 1,240 vehicles per day.