Aligning with the government’s commitment to review Alberta’s electricity agencies, Carolyn Dahl Rees, a current AUC commissioner, will serve as interim chair of the AUC for up to 12 months. She has extensive legal and regulatory experience within the electricity sector, including a previous term as acting chair and vice-chair of the AUC from 2008 to 2012. As interim chair, Dahl Rees will strengthen the Commission’s focus on streamlining regulatory processes and reducing red tape in order to provide more certainty to investors, the electricity market, and ultimately, consumers. The appointment takes effect June 24.

“The AUC has existed in its current form for 12 years, and it’s important we allow it to adapt, as necessary, to best serve Albertans. Ms. Dahl Rees is well qualified to provide leadership as the Commission modernizes its operations while continuing to focus on its core operations. I thank Mark Kolesar, the outgoing chair, for his service.”

Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity

Government expects the AUC to strengthen its work through streamlining processes, reducing red tape, and increasing investor confidence in Alberta’s electricity sector. Government also looks forward to reviewing the findings of an AUC-established independent committee focused on improving the timeliness of its regulatory proceedings – including how processes and procedures can be eliminated or made more efficient.

Quick facts

  • The AUC regulates Alberta’s utilities and natural gas and electricity markets to protect the social, economic and environmental interests of ratepayers where competitive market forces cannot. The AUC is responsible for ensuring that the delivery of Alberta's utility service is fair, responsible, and in the public interest.
  • The AUC was created in 2008, following the passing of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act.
  • Alberta has four electricity agencies:
    • Alberta Utilities Commission
    • Alberta Electric System Operator
    • Market Surveillance Administrator
    • Balancing Pool

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