“Over the last week, we have seen Albertans rightfully outraged over an appalling act of police brutality in the United States. Many Albertans have also raised sincere concerns about policing here at home. 

“Police officers serve Albertans, and the overwhelming majority do so honourably. But incidents of abuse undermine faith in the system as a whole. As Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, my job is to not only ensure people feel safe, but that people feel confident that justice is being done.

“Any allegation of excessive use of force by law enforcement is serious and must be treated as such. That is why we will expedite the government’s current work to modernize the Police Act. This will ensure we have the governance framework and policies in place so Albertans are confident that our police are accountable to the communities they protect. Policing only works when citizens feel assured that law enforcement is going to treat them reasonably and fairly.

“At the earliest opportunity, we will be meeting with the chiefs of police, First Nations, minority community leaders, and other stakeholders to work collaboratively to accelerate this effort.

“We also call on the federal minister of public safety to review the legislation and regulations governing the RCMP to address the concerns of Canadians.”