“June is PTSD Awareness Month, a time to learn more about post-traumatic stress disorder and those who live with it. While PTSD is commonly thought to only affect military personnel, emergency personnel and rescue workers, it can affect anyone. It is important that we understand PTSD is treatable and recovery is possible.

“As Albertans continue to cope with life in a pandemic, those already struggling from PTSD may find that our current crisis is escalating their symptoms. Likewise, PTSD can manifest in people who have been severely affected by the pandemic.

“Alberta’s $53-million COVID-19 mental health action plan will support the mental wellness of all Albertans, including those with PTSD and those who may be at risk of developing PTSD. Our primary focus is to ensure Albertans have access to local community support for PTSD during, and after the pandemic. 

“To anyone who may be struggling with PTSD, please know that treatment is available, and recovery is possible. As a society we can come together to support recovery from PTSD, and create communities that foster long-term well-being. Albertans are here to support each other, especially in times of hardship.”