Country music superstar and anti-human trafficking advocate Paul Brandt will lead the seven-member task force that will provide guidance and recommendations on how to best implement the government’s nine-point action plan to combat human trafficking.

“Alberta should be a place where people can live safely, free from exploitation and coercion. Sadly, human trafficking exists in our province, and it is our duty to bring these human rights violations to light and do more to protect those at risk. This provincial Human Trafficking Task Force brings together knowledgeable and dedicated individuals to provide advice on protecting and empowering some of Alberta’s most vulnerable.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Our government will always stand up for innocent, at-risk individuals who are being bought and sold in our province. We are committed to preventing human trafficking networks from taking root in Alberta – whether it involves sexual exploitation, forced labour or illegal organ trade. This task force includes advocates with the skills and experience to do this important work.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

"Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world, and it must be stopped. Serving as chair for the Alberta Human Trafficking Task Force is an immense privilege and responsibility, as we work together to protect those who are most vulnerable. Freedom should be for everybody."

Paul Brandt, chair, Human Trafficking Task Force

“The task force is instrumental in compelling us to move forward on challenging and complex issues. I am confident the members understand the exploitation, suffering and trauma caused by human trafficking. I trust they are committed to listening to those who have suffered, stakeholders working to support survivors along the long journey to recovery, and law enforcement who understand the coercive and profiteering dynamics of trafficking, organized crime, money laundering and other elements. This is hopeful work, and I urge the task force to consider the demand component that drives human trafficking."

Kate Quinn, executive director, Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation

“The Human Trafficking Task Force will guide us on the best way to protect Albertans who are most at risk of human trafficking. Together, we will coordinate a response across government and community so we can combat this insidious crime.”

Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

“I am proud to be part of a movement to stand up for vulnerable people impacted by human trafficking in our province. This task force will help make a difference in preventing human trafficking and supporting survivors. I am confident the combined knowledge of the task force will help our government address this serious issue and protect vulnerable Albertans from exploitation and assault.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Community and Social Services

“Our children and youth have a right to be safe. This task force will help us find ways to protect and empower survivors of human trafficking and provide guidance for us to take the right steps and make the necessary changes to end this horrible crime.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services

The task force will:

  • Provide guidance and recommendations on supports for survivors.
  • Enhance collaboration among all stakeholders and organizations that work with survivors of human trafficking in order to prevent, protect and ensure their safety.
  • Engage experts to identify what actions are needed to bring transformational and sustainable change.
  • Provide recommendations to help government implement the nine-point action plan and lobby other levels of government to take coordinated action.

The first two meetings will be held on May 20 and 21.

Human Trafficking Task Force panel members

  • Paul Brandt, chair – country music superstar, founder of #NotInMyCity and anti-human trafficking advocate
  • Heather Forsyth – former solicitor general and former minister of Children’s Services
  • Dale McFee – chief of police, Edmonton Police Services
  • Jan Fox – executive director, REACH Edmonton
  • Douglas Reti – director, Backwoods Energy, and former RCMP director general
  • Patricia Vargas – director, Catholic Social Services
  • Tyler White – CEO, Siksika Health Services