“Polish history is the story of a nation fighting to be free, and an indomitable people refusing to give up on their dream of an independent homeland, no matter the odds. Despite suffering repeated conquests and partitions at the hands of powerful enemies, Poland’s dream would never die.
“On May 3, 1791, the Polish people proclaimed that truth to the world once more. The Great Sejm adopted a new constitution, a milestone in the development of human rights. It extended tolerance and freedom to all religions, gave more power to civil society, and protected rural dwellers from the worst abuses of serfdom. 
“This achievement was not destined to last. The young Polish nation had too many enemies with opposing interests, and the struggle ended in defeat and, again, partition.
“However, today Polish people can look back with well-deserved pride at the Constitution of 1791. They led the fight for justice and equality and they defended that vision through oppression, war and Communist misrule. I wish everyone a safe and happy day of celebration.”